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gearbox peek 3d printer3D Printing Service

ThermaX™ PEI 3D Printed Parts.  We offer low-cost prototype and low-volume production 3D printed parts made using our filaments made using genuine ULTEM™ PEI resins.  PEI offers exceptional thermal, chemical, and mechanical properties - making it the ideal material for demanding applications in a variety of markets including aerospace, automotive, electronics, and semi-con.  

3DXSTAT™ ESD-Safe Parts.  Our ESD-safe parts are printed using our 3DXSTAT™ ESD-Safe filaments.  Our products target 10^7 ohm surface resistance and offer the highest level of consistency and cleanliness.  

CarbonX™ Carbon Fiber Parts.  We offer the broadest portfolio of carbon fiber reinforced materials in the 3D printing industry.  We can print parts for you using all of our grades from PLA to PEKK - and everything in between.  

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Start your quote by uploading your file at the bottom of this page.  If there are issues with the quote of if you want to discuss specifics about your project, please send us a note on the Contact us page or email your request to print@3dxtech.com.