Arctic White Low Gloss PETG

3DXPro™ Low-Gloss PETG 3D Filament, Arctic White


3DXPro™ Low-Gloss PETG Filament, Arctic White

3DXPro™ Low-Gloss PETG is a specialty grade of PETG that offers a low-gloss, high-tech look.  The low-gloss helps hide the layer lines and offers a more "technical look" to the parts as compared to higher gloss filaments.  We love printing with PETG, but sometimes the customer doesn't want the part to look like a toy.  Our low-gloss PETG is perfect for applications that require the performance of PETG, but a more sophisticated fit and finish.  

Arctic White is a low-gloss white created for our tactical line-up of colors. 

Benefits of 3DXMAX® Low-Gloss PETG include:

  • Low-gloss sheen - excellent finish
  • Superior Chemical Resistance vs. ABS
  • BPA Free
  • Amorphous:  Low shrink and warp
  • Low moisture absorption:  3X lower vs. ABS
  • Very low odor emitted during printing
  • Excellent layer bonding and bed adhesion

Recommended Print Conditions:

  • Extruder Temp:  Ideally 260 to 280°C.  Low-gloss PETG is a different blend than standard PETG.  You may need to increase nozzle temps by 20°C or higher than standard PETG settings if you have layer bonding issues.  
  • Platform Temp:  60°C
  • Platform Prep:  Clean glass w/ Kapton Tape, PVA-based glue, or hairspray