Become Reseller

Become a 3DXTECH Reseller

3DXTECH is the premier filament producer in the high-performance materials market.  We have the broadest portfolio of ultra-performance and engineering-grade materials targeting the most challenging applications.  We produce all of our filaments at our factory in Grand Rapids, Michigan using only prime virgin materials using state-of-the-art equipment.  

If you are an established resellers that currently offers 3D printing materials via your own e-commerce website - we want to work with you to grow your high-performance materials portfolio.  Please contact us at for more information on reselling 3DXTECH products on your website.  

OEM / White Label Services

We currently produce filament for many 3D printer companies using the customer's own branding.  If you are a printer manufacturer or a reseller interested in your own branded product - we want to work with you.  Please contact us at for more information on OEM or White Label projects.