BVOH Support Filament

AquaTek™ BVOH Water Soluble Support

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AquaTek™ BVOH Support Filament

Our BVOH is an advanced water-soluble support filament based a specialty copolymer of Butendiol Vinyl Alcohol. This filament is ideal for printing complex parts using PLA, ABS, ASA, PETG.  AquaTek BVOH is warm water soluble and is easily removed from the printed part.   

AquaTek™ BVOH Attributes:

  • Superior to traditional PVA with ABS, PLA, and PETG.
  • Biodegradable - safe to dispose of at home or office
  • Ideal for use on any desktop 3D printer that utilizes support material in dual-nozzle printers

Filament diameter specs:

  • 1.75mm +/- 0.05mm
  • 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm

Recommended Print Conditions:

  • Extruder:  190-220°C
  • Bed Temp:  23-90°C
  • Keep sealed between uses - filament becomes tacky if exposed to general humidity for extended periods of time.  
  • Gentle agitation assists with dissolving BVOH and other water soluble materials