Carbon Fiber PLA Pellets

Carbon Fiber Ultem 1010 Pellets

Lead Time:
3 to 5 business days

10% Carbon Fiber Ultem 1010 - Pellets.

Make your own filament or use these materials in a pellet-fed 3D printer.  

Please note:  Additional shipping charges may apply on orders over 10kg.

Processing Recommendations:

  • Pre-dry before extrusion at 150°C for 4-6 hours.  A toaster oven works fine for this.  Do your family a favor and do not dry the resin in your kitchen oven!  (Wet material will extrude with bubbles present in the filament.  If this happens, dry the resin more before processing.)
  • Extrusion Temp:  350-370°C (depending upon how your heater bands, thermocouple, and PID are configured.)