PPSF & PSU Filaments

Sulfone Polymers

Polymers in the Sulphone family are amorphous engineering thermoplastics noted for high heat-deflection temperatures, outstanding dimensional stability, and exceptional chemical resistance. These strong, rigid polymers are the only thermoplastics that remain transparent at service temperatures as high as 200°C.  The hydrolytic stability of these resins makes them resistant to water absorption in aqueous acidic and alkaline environments.

  • PPSU (PPSF):  Polyphenylsulfone (220°C Tg)
  • PSU:  Polysulfone (185°C Tg)

High-Temp Reels:  We use reels made using PC/ABS and PC for our high-temp materials.  This allows you to dry them out at higher temps once the filament absorbs moisture (which will happen to everyone eventually).  The 250g and 500g reel are made using Polycarbonate (PC) and can be dried at 120°C if the filament gets wet.  The 1kg reel is made using PC/ABS and can be safely dried at 115°C when it becomes necessary.