Ultem™ PEI Filaments


Ultem™ PEI (Polyether Imide) is one of the highest-performing thermoplastics in the industry.  Now you can print with the same material high-performance that Stratasys® uses in their Fortus® printers.  

We can print parts for you!  Contact us at print@3dxtech.com if you need parts printed out of Ultem™ PEI and don't have the capability in-house.  We have printers that are capable of printing Ultem™ at very reasonable prices.  

High-Temp Reels:  We use reels made using PC/ABS and PC for our high-temp materials.  This allows you to dry them out at higher temps once the filament absorbs moisture (which will happen to everyone eventually).  The 250g and 500g reel are made using Polycarbonate (PC) and can be dried at 120°C if the filament gets wet.  The 1kg reel is made using PC/ABS and can be safely dried at 115°C when it becomes necessary.