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3DXTECH Hosts Pellets to Parts Webinar

3DXTECH’s new program redefines the way Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) approach 3D printing for their specific applications.

On February 28th, we were honored to partner with 3Dprint.com to host an introductory webinar to our groundbreaking initiative – the ‘Pellets to Parts’ program. In the webinar, Brandon Funke (Product Development Manager) and Matt Howlett (3DXTECH Founder) sat down with Joris Peels of 3dprint.com to discuss the path OEM’s can take when partnering with 3DXTECH to develop the optimal filament for their specific applications.

“We wanted to provide a service where our customers can not only create a custom filament they need but also create a path and process to recreate it when needed.” – Brandon Funke, Product Development Manager.

What sets ‘Pellets to Parts’ apart is the comprehensive journey it offers from filament development to extrusion. Beginning with analysis and consultation, our experts will identify the material properties necessary for the OEM’s project. At the end of this program, OEMs will be equipped with the best materials for their specific projects, enabling them to efficiently innovate.

The Pellet to Part program is a leap forward in material development for additive manufacturing. As professionals in the field seek custom solutions for 3D printing material, 3DXTECH offers a pathway to new possibilities.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ‘Pellets to Parts’ program, check out our Pellets to Parts page.