3D Printing News & Updates

Skirt and Brim

The skirt is a printed outline of all models on the print bed, stabilizing filament [...]


As the hot nozzle travels over the printed top layer, it flattens any curled plastic [...]

Max Volumetric Speed

The Maximum Volumetric Speed (MVS) setting in Katana Slicer manages the maximum filament flow through [...]

Fuzzy Skin

The Fuzzy skin feature creates a rough texture on models by randomly shifting perimeter points, [...]

Sequential Printing

3D printers lay layers of plastic to create objects. Each layer must be supported by [...]

Seam Position

Unless printing in Spiral vase mode, each perimeter loop starts and ends somewhere, creating a [...]

Elephant Foot Compensation

When printing the first layer is squished against the heated print bed and as a result, it’s [...]

Arachne Perimeter Generator

For years, the strategy Katana Slicer used when generating perimeters was to offset the contour [...]

Organic Supports

Katana Slicer now features "Snug" supports, improving on the old 2D grid-based supports by reducing [...]

Pressure Equalizer

3D printer extruders perform best at a constant rate for extrusion consistency, but during prints, [...]