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Ferris State University – Gearbox HT2 Donation

Supporting Ferris State’s New Additive Manufacturing Focus

It’s always fun to visit your alma mater and see how things have changed since graduating. It’s another thing completely to be honored by the university President and Faculty. That’s what happened June 7, 2023 when 3DX’s Founder and President, Matt Howlett, was honored by Ferris State University for his donation of a Gearbox HT2 High-Performance 3D Printer. Ferris has one of the leading Plastics Engineering programs in the USA and has a long history of innovation in this space. The university is adding Additive Manufacturing curricula to continue it’s leadership in advanced manufacturing technology.

Quote from Matt Howlett “We created this 3D printer to answer the question of how to enable the printing of higher-performance materials. Ferris has always been great for my family. I have my son who went here, and he has a family now,” said Howlett, president of 3DXTech, a leading supplier of carbon fiber reinforced 3D printing filaments. “I understand this technology and what it can do for students and really help bring up their level of understanding and education in this technology. When I could, I wanted to make sure I gave back to Ferris, so I donated one of the Gearbox HTG2 3D printers, which is now installed in the Additive Lab. The students now can coalesce around it and learn the technology better.”

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