3D Printing News & Updates


As the hot nozzle travels over the just printed top layer, it flattens any plastic [...]

Max Volumetric Speed

The Maximum volumetric speed setting (MVS) is one of the most powerful features in Katana Slicer. The MVS setting essentially creates [...]

Seam Position

Unless you're printing in the Spiral vase mode, each perimeter loop has to start and [...]

Organic Supports

Katana Slicer previously always used a 2D grid-based approach to generate supports. Although this method [...]

New Glass Fiber Obsidian Offers Amazing Options

3DXTech Glass Fiber Obsidian is our newest material that opens a whole new world of [...]

3DXTECH Speaks at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

Earlier this week, we had the honor of presenting at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center's Industry [...]

3DXTECH Matches MEDC’s Industry 4.0 Grant

Recently, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation announced they are offering an Industry 4.0 Technology Implementation [...]

Grand Valley State University Adds GearBox HT2 Printer

New HT2 Printer Gives GVSU Engineer and Medical Students An Advantage Two industrial 3D printers [...]

Ferris State University – Gearbox HT2 Donation

Ferris State University receives donation for their additive manufacturing facility.

Accelerate Your Throughput By Utilizing A GBX40 Tip From 3DXTECH

The GBX40 tip from 3DXTECH can accelerate the printing process for large parts, utilizing materials [...]