Pellets to parts program

In the ever-evolving world of additive manufacturing, 3DXTECH is taking a significant leap forward with its groundbreaking initiative – the ‘Pellet to Part’ program. This innovative program redefines the way Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) approach 3D printing filament development for their specific applications.

3DXTECH collaborates closely with OEMs, working hand in hand with their engineering teams to discern precise material requirements. Through meticulous analysis and expert consultation, we identify the optimal material properties needed to achieve superior results in 3D printing. At this point the program can take two paths to its destination:

  1. 3DXTECH will supply your team with this custom filament to be utilized on your existing FFF 3D Printer(s).
  2. The 3DXTECH will supply your team with an HT2 Ultra-Polymer 3D printer with a profile for your novel material pre-loaded into the on the Gearbox HT2 to begin production of parts immediately.

What sets ‘Pellet to Part’ apart is the comprehensive journey it offers. We take these requirements and embark on a journey of material formulation and extrusion. At the end of this program, your team has the exact material you need to complete your current project and the best equipment to tackle any FFF projects in the future. 

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