3DXMAX HIPS Filament


HIPS is an excellent choice for parts which require low-gloss and nearly invisible layer lines. It does not absorb moisture and requires very little set-up to achieve the ideal print in practically any 3D printer. It’s also a very good break-away support for ABS and ASA.

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3DXMAX™ HIPS Support Material

Manufactured in the USA from 100% virgin High Impact Polystyrene resin. We use state-of-the-art resins & manufacturing technologies to give you the best possible printing experience. HIPS can be used for parts that require low-gloss and nearly invisible layer lines. It does not absorb moisture, so you do not need to keep it in a dry box.

Plus, it requires very little setup to achieve truly great prints in practically any 3D printer. It can also be used as an excellent break-away support for ABS and ASA or completely dissolved in d-limonene.

Precision extruded using our own formulation, this grade is a bit different than the usual HIPS used to make our model material colors. It’s formulated to be more sensitive to attack from d-limonene solvent and make a better dissolving support solution.

Gearbox HT2™ 3D Printer: Print industrial-grade parts using our HIPS Filament and more with the new Gearbox™ HT2 High-Temp 3D Printer.

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Print Recommendations

Ext Temp 1

Extruder Temp

Bed Temp

Bed Temp

Chamber Temp

Heated Chamber
Not required

Nozzle Settings

Nozzle Specs
No special concerns

Bed Adhesion

Bed Adhesion
Magigoo Bed Prep

Layer Height

Layer Height
No special concerns

Drying Filamen

Drying Specs
Not needed

Water Soluble Support

HIPS is break-away
but also soluble in d-limonene

Benefits of 3DXMAX™ HIPS:

  • Very good, strong support material
  • Prints very easily
  • Polymer doesn’t absorb moisture, no drying required!
  • Can be removed from models by hand
  • Can also be dissolved away with d-limonene

  • 3DXMAX™ HIPS is another industry favorite support, it works excellent with all the following, and is very popular among makers and the industrial 3D printing industry alike.
  • Works perfectly with many materials, especially the industry’s workhorses like ABS and ASA.
  • This includes all of our famous composite variants of these grades, such as carbon fiber, glass fiber, and ESD-safe.

Filament Specifications:

1.75mm and 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm in diameter

Recommended Print Settings:

  • Extruder: 220-235°C
  • Bed Temp: 100-110°C
  • Bed Prep: Magigoo Bed Prep gives us the best results.
  • Heated Chamber: Not required
  • Other: Most users simply use pliers to mechanically remove HIPS support from their printed models, but d-limonene orange solvent will completely dissolve it.
  • Drying Instructions: No drying needed at all!


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