Low Temp Build Sheets


Our Low Temp Sheets are ideal for Gearbox HT2 and Fortus® 360/380/400/450 printers and used for printing materials such as ABS, ASA, ESD-ABS, PC/ABS, CF-PA12 and PC

Low Temp Build Sheets [20 Pack]

Our low temp build sheets are ideal for use on the Gearbox HT2 and Fortus 360/380/400/450mc platforms. These sheets are typically used when printing materials such as ABS, ASA, PC/ABS, PC, CF-PA12. When used with your Fortus® printer, these sheets are a direct replacement for the PC build sheets that are sold by Stratasys.

Compatible Printer Platforms

    • Gearbox HT2 sheets are 0.02″ thick
    • Fortus® 360MC & 400MC sheets are 0.03″ thick
    • Fortus® 900MC & F900 sheets are 0.02″ thick

Please note: Chamber temperatures should be between 90°C and 140°C for these sheets to be effective on the above-listed printer platforms.

Stratasys Compatible Build Sheets note: 

  • The build sheets have protective film on BOTH sides of the sheet that must be removed before use. Failure to remove the protective film may cause the sheet to melt onto the build plate.
  • Fortus® 360mc & 400mc sheets are 2″ wider than standard and will extend beyond the front of the build platform. This will not interfere with the normal operation of the printer.

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