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3DXTECH Attends Automation Alley’s Additive Manufacturing Unleashed

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Last week, we had the privilege of attending Automation Alley’s Additive Manufacturing Unleashed hosted in collaboration with Grand Valley State University and Advanced Medical Device Innovations (AMDI). We got to connect with local Michigan manufacturing companies and not only learn about their businesses, but we also discussed the ways additive manufacturing can help solve the issues they face.

The event took place at GVSU’s Innovation Design Center. Attendees were treated to a few presentations discussing some of the most recent ways GVSU and AMDI have taken advantage of 3D printing technology. AMDI discussed their work in medical prototyping and how additive manufacturing plays a role in their operations. Following the presentations, attendees got a tour of the facility, which included witnessing AMDI’s Gearbox HT2 printer in action in their workshop.

We will be hosting a follow-up event at our 3DXTECH facility (Grand Rapids, MI.) on Tuesday, August 13th. We are excited to open our doors to local manufacturers and further discuss how additive manufacturing can help overcome some of today’s obstacles. More information to come as we approach the event.

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