ESD-Safe PEKK - 500g

3DXSTAT™ ESD-PEKK 3D Printing Filament


3DXSTAT™ ESD-Safe PEKK 3D Filament

PEKK (PolyEtherKetoneKetone) is one of the highest-performance polymers in world.  Developed in partnership with Arkema - a leading supplier of ultra-performance materials. 

Aerospace-Grade Performance.  This compound was created for extreme the most demanding applications where tightly controlled electrical properties, static dissipation, thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance properties are required.  


3DXSTAT™ ESD-PEKK has a wider processing window than PEEK and typically prints with extruder temps between 360-390°C, whereas CF-PEEK often requires extruder temps above 400°C.  3DXSTAT™ ESD-PEKK has a lower rate and degree of crystallinity than PEEK, which aids in its ease of printing.  However, once printed and annealed, PEKK parts exhibit superior performance vs. PEEK.  Easier to print + superior performance!

Print PEKK on open-source printer!  You do not need to purchase a Stratasys® Fortus® printer to print PEKK.  This polymer is one of the easier to print ultra-polymers and is suitable for printing using many of the high-performance open-source 3D printers now on the market.  

3DXSTAT™ ESD-PEKK product attributes include:

  • 10^6 to 10^7 ohm surface resistivity on 3DP sample using concentric ring test method
  • Consistent surface resistivity and low particulate contamination
  • High thermal properties 
  • Inherent flame resistance
  • Long-term hydrolytic stability 
  • Excellent dimensional stability (low creep sensitivity and low, uniform coefficient of thermal expansion) and highly reproducible part-to-part dimensions
  • Exceptional strength and modulus, even at elevated temperatures
  • Good resistance to a broad range of chemicals, such as automotive fluids, fully halogenated hydrocarbons, alcohols, and aqueous solutions
  • Stable dielectric constant and dissipation factor over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies

Typical applications include:

  • Semi-con / Electronics:  HDD Components, Wafer Handling, Jigs, Fixtures, Casings & Connectors 
  • Industrial:  Conveying, Metering, and Sensing applications

 Filament Specifications:

  • Diameter:  1.75mm (+/- 0.05mm)
  • Larger reels and diameters available upon request

Recommended Print Conditions:

  • Extruder Temp:  355 - 385°C 
  • Bed Temp: 120 - 140°C
  • Bed Prep: Ultem™ Tape is the ideal build surface, glue stick on clean glass is suitable
  • Enclosure temp (if your printer is equipped):  70 - 140°C

Annealing (post crystalizing) 3D Printed PEKK Parts:  Parts printed with PEKK must be annealed after printing to ramp-up the crystallinity in the resin.  This will maximize mechanical, thermal, and chemical resistance properties.   

  • Step 1:  Place part in an oven and raise the temperature to 160c, allow to remain at that temperature for 30 minutes.  
  • Step 2:  Raise the oven temperature to 200c and allow the part to remain at this temperature for 2 hours.  Allow to cool prior to handling part.