3DX Rewards is is your fast track to a never-ending supply of high-performance filament and accessories.  With 3DX Rewards, it’s easy to get rewarded for your loyalty.  From signing up, to referring friends, reviewing products or sharing the 3DX love on Social Media. The more you shop and share – the better your bank balance will be.  When you shop and share, you earn points that can be redeemed for discount coupons that range in value from $5 to $250.  



  • Existing Customers:  Great news – all existing customers registered with a 3DXTECH account are automatically enrolled in the 3DX Rewards club.  Plus, existing customers start out with points already in their account!
  • New Customers:  New customers can join the 3DX Rewards club by creating a new account and earning a 100 points right away!

HOW DO I EARN 3DX POINTS?  Simply put – SHOP, SHARE AND EARN! We have lots of ways to earn points.  Plus, we are coming up with new ways to earn points all the time, so please keep checking back!

  • Sign up for an account (100 points)
  • Purchase items on ($1 spent = 1 point earned)
  • Share on Facebook (100 points)
  • Share on Twitter (100 points)
  • Refer a Friend (100 points when your friend makes a purchase)
  • Birthday Points! (100 bonus points on your birthday!)
  • Bonus Points (Awarded periodically during special events)

HOW DO I REDEEM 3DX POINTS?  When you are ready to redeem points log into your 3DXTECH account and navigate to the Loyalty & Rewards tab. If you are eligible to redeem a reward a button will appear on Rewards tab.  Simply click redeem and you will be provided with a unique coupon code that can be copied and entered as a coupon code upon checkout.  A copy of the unique one time coupon code will also be emailed to you.

WHAT ARE THE REWARD LEVELS?  Our loyal customers can earn the following reward discounts for shopping and sharing on

  • 150 Points = $5 Coupon
  • 300 Points = $10 Coupon
  • 750 Points = $25 Coupon
  • 1500 Points = $50 Coupon
  • 3000 Points = $100 Coupon
  • 7500 Points = $250 Coupon

HOW DO I SEE MY POINTS BALANCE?  To see your points just log into your 3DXTECH account and click on the floating 3DX Rewards link on the bottom right of the page. 

HOW DO I SEND A REFERRAL LINK TO A FRIEND?  It’s super easy – copy the code in the Loyalty & Rewards tab under the Sponsorship Link and send that code to your friend. Or better yet send them a sponsorship email & your friend can redeem a code at checkout for 10% off their first order. When a user places their first order with your sponsorship, you’re account is automatically credited with 100 points!  Share your way to great discounts at 3DXTECH!

ARE THERE TERMS AND CONDITIONS TO THIS PROGRAM?  Of course!  Please read the Terms and Conditions that control this program HERE.

MORE QUESTIONS?  No problem, email us at [email protected] or via the Contact Us page if have any questions.  

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