ThermaX PPE-PS


ThermaX™ PPE+PS [Polyphenylene Ether] is engineered to offer high heat resistance, excellent chemical resistance, and is non-halogen flame-retardant. Our PPE+PS is an engineering-grade material that is ideal for some of the most demanding applications.

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ThermaX™ PPE-PS (Polyphenylene Ether + Polystyrene)

ThermaX™ PPE-PS is a polyphenylene ether alloy which exhibits exceptional thermal, mechanical, and chemical resistance properties. Our PPE-PS filament is made from a UL94 V0 rated flame retardant base resin. ThermaX™ PPE has been an ideal material for a wide array of applications in demanding markets such as aerospace, automotive, industrial, electronics, and telecommunications.

Ext Temp 1

Extruder Temp

Bed Temp

Bed Temp

Chamber Temp

Heated Chamber
50-80°C if possible

Nozzle Settings

Nozzle Specs
No special concerns

Bed Adhesion

Bed Adhesion
Magigoo Bed Prep

Layer Height

Layer Height
No special concerns

Drying Filamen

Drying Specs
80°C for 4 hours

Water Soluble Support

Water Soluble Support

Benefits of PPE-PS include:

  • High thermal properties with an HDT of 120°C
  • Flame retardant rated UL94 V-0
  • UV resistance making it suitable for outdoor applications, rated F1 per UL 746C
  • Amorphous structure granting it very low, near isotropic shrinkage
  • Excellent chemical resistance to most aqueous solutions, detergents, acids, and bases
  • Excellent long-term hydrolytic stability making it very stable in boiling water
  • Very low moisture absorption
  • Stable dielectric constant and dissipation factor over a wide range of temperatures and frequencies

Filament Specifications:

1.75mm and 2.85mm +/- 0.05mm in diameter

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