Technical Support Checklist

What print settings should I use for my 3DXTECH material?
  • Each product page lists this information for you in the product description tab. It also has cool icons to help you!
  • Each printer is different, so we can only give guidelines, these settings may need to be adjusted up or down based on your printer and location.
  • See the example below for Carbon Fiber Nylon!


What speed should I print my material at?
  • Since every printer is different, we can not give an exact answer. Try your printer’s support page or user manual for recommended print speeds.
  • Our motto is “slower is usually better”.
Looking for a specific SDS & TDS?
  • Each product page should have the SDS & TDS in the product description tab.
  • You can find the full page of our SDS or TDS on the Data Sheets webpage
  • If the one you are looking for is missing, it is under revision or being created and will be uploaded as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience! 
How should I dry my material?
  • Check out our Material Dry Chart. We put a list together of dry temperatures and dry times.
What if I have other questions?

Feel free to visit our Contact Us Page. You can fill out the email form, or give us a phone call!