Gearbox™ Filament Dryer

FD1 is our forced-air convection oven created specifically for drying technical polymers.  This is a much-needed solution to the problem of materials which have absorbed moisture, now creating printing issues such as bubbling, jamming, and poor part quality. With intuitive controls and consistent performance, the FD1 can dry up to three standard 4kg reels at a time, at temperatures up to 150°C, ensuring that even the most hydroscopic materials are ready for the 3D printing. 

FD1 Inside
FD1 StackedFM1

Restore Your Reels

Removes moisture to prevent future problems

  • Pre-set programs accommodating many common polymer drying temperatures (up to 150°C)
  • Simple touchscreen operation
  • Automatically recorded history of set temperatures, actual temperatures, and alarms
  • Over-temp and end of timer alarms
  • Stackable with our filament maintainer FM1

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