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Accelerate Your Throughput By Utilizing A GBX40 Tip From 3DXTECH

“The GBX40 tip from 3DXTECH can accelerate the printing process…”

In Additive Manufacturing, Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) has emerged as the most widely adopted technology due to its affordability, ease of use, vast selection of materials, and the ability to create functional parts.  Despite its popularity, FFF is not without its drawbacks. One significant hurdle facing the technology is print speed. The Gearbox™ HT2 3D Printer by 3DXTECH was designed to produce FFF parts faster than its competitors; the company has recently introduced a new tip which will enable customers to print even faster than before.  The GBX40 tip from 3DXTECH can accelerate the printing process for large parts, utilizing materials like ABS, ASA, and ULTEM™ 1010.

CF Mold End

In 3D printing, the FFF technology utilizes a print head that heats thermoplastic filaments and extrudes them along predetermined paths.  This manufacturing technique typically requires more time to create a part than some of the other additive manufacturing processes.  Despite this, the cost-effectiveness and the strong materials available to this technology make it appealing to industries such as Aerospace, Defense, Electronics, Energy, and more.  FFF printing is an ideal technology to create prototypes, tooling, and low-batch production runs for a fraction of the time and cost of classic processes such as subtractive manufacturing.

Tip GBX40

“For applications where strength is vital…”

With FFF, higher Z height correlates with longer print times. Since the HT2 has a large, 32-inch Z height, tall parts can often take a long time to print. Using the GBX40, customers can print taller parts quickly without sacrificing XY accuracy. In our first test trial of the GBX20 tip vs the GBX40 tip, we found the part printed with the GBX20 tip was complete in 9 hours & 42 minutes. The GBX40 tip was able to print the exact same part in 6 hours & 2 minutes and used significantly more material.

Aimed at our entire portfolio of materials, the GBX40 tips are used to reduce print times by using a larger extrusion diameter and a larger slice height of 0.60mm (0.023 in). In our preliminary tests, the GBX40 displayed on average of 1.6 times faster print time than the traditional GBX20 tip using a 0.30mm (0.011 in) slice height. This increased slice height will result in a more obvious layer line. Using this tip allows us to take advantage of its larger diameter to create stronger walls with an increased line width. The GBX40 tip also produces a part that is stiffer and more impact resistant than the GBX20, for applications where strength is vital. This new tip shines when printing large tooling and fixture components where layer lines are less of a concern. Grab a GBX40 tip from 3DXTech and start reducing the print time on your biggest parts today!