Magigoo Pro Kit

Magigoo 3D Printing Bed Prep Adhesives


Magigoo bed prep ultimakerMagigoo Pro Bed Prep Adhesives

Magigoo offers a wide range of adhesives that have been formulated specifically for 3D printing industrial materials.  From PLA to PEEK - Magigoo has an adhesive that will assist you in printing excellent parts.  

Advantages of Magigoo:

  • Excellent adhesion to many different materials
  • Safe non-toxic formulations
  • Easy to apply with the foam applicator on the bottle
  • Easy to clean up with warm water
  • Each bottle lasts for over 100 prints

Magigoo Original (120ml)

  • This is the go-to utility grade of bed prep for the majority of your printing needs.  Magigoo Original is ideal for a wide range of materials including PLA, HIPS, ABS, ASA, PETG, and TPU

Magigoo PA (50ml)

  • Nylon is considered by many a very difficult material to adhere to a build sheet.  Magigoo PA solves these problems and allows for ease of printing with a wide variety of nylon filaments.  Magigoo PA is ideal for all nylon-based filaments including unfilled, carbon fiber, and glass fiber.  

Magigoo PC (50ml)

  • PC can be difficult to print even if you're an experienced user.  Magigoo PC makes this much easier and allows for nearly effortless printing of PC and PC/ABS filaments.  Once cool, the parts pop off and are ready to go - no tools are required for removal!

Magigoo PP (50ml)

  • Polypropylene and OBC (olefinic block copolymer) offer excellent properties but are often difficult to print because they won't stick to traditional bed prep materials.  Magigoo PP works great with PP and OBC solving this issue.  

Magigoo PPGF (50ml)

  • Glass Fiber PP offers some challenges unique to this material and the formulation specialists at Magigoo figured out how to make it happen.  This adhesive works great with our GF-PP filament.  

Pro Kit Includes one 50ml bottle of each of these great adhesives

  • Magigoo PA:  Formulated for all nylon filaments.
  • Magigoo PC:  Formulated for all PC and PC/ABS filaments.  
  • Magigoo PP:  Formulated for all PP (polypropylene) filaments.
  • Magigoo Original:  Formulated for PLA, ASA, ABS, HIPS, PETG, and TPU.