DiamondBack Nozzles


DiamondBack nozzles can easily print standard filaments as well as highly abrasive carbon fiber and glass fiber. These state of the art nozzles last 2-8 times longer than hardened steel nozzles.

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DiamondBack Polycrystalline Diamond Nozzles

The team at DiamondBack recently developed a proprietary Polycrystalline Diamond (PCD) nozzle to be used in 3D printing that can handle the most challenging applications! Easier to clean and reduces tip clogging, improves layer adhesion, has a solid diamond tip, any filaments, longer life, lowers operating temperature, and delivers unmatched wear resistance!

Specifications: It is recommended that DiamondBack Nozzle users follow the operating specifications provided by each 3D printer manufacturer and each filament supplier. DiamondBack Nozzle temperatures should not exceed 300 Celsius.

Pro Tips

  • Recommended torque specs: 2.5 Nm (Newton Meter)
  • Recalibrate z-offset after install to protect print bed
  • Run temperature tower as optimal temperatures are typically lower
  • Recommended start temperatures:
    • PLA……………..200°C – 215°C
    • PETG…………..230°C – 250°C
    • PETG Carbon….245°C – 265°C
  • Maximum temperature 300°C
  • Support and warranty details online at championx.com


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