MK8 Hercules A2 Hardened Steel Nozzle


MK8 Hercules™ A2 Hardened Steel Nozzle | Ideal for Carbon Fiber 3D Printing

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MK8 Hercules A2 Hardened Steel Nozzle

The MK8 Hercules A2 Hardened Steel Nozzle is manufactured in the USA by Performance 3D using heat treated A2 tool steel and coated with Duraplat3-d™ wear-resistant coating for enhanced wear and flow. Compared to stainless steel nozzles, Hercules™ nozzles are 3X harder, have 50% better heat transfer, and 5x the wear life.  Hercules™ nozzles are the clear cut choice for printing with more abrasive filaments like our CarbonX™ Carbon Fiber grades.

Wear resistant high lubricity nozzle replaces Makerbot Replicator 2/2X and other nozzles with a 2.18mm inlet bore (for 1.75mm filament).  Currently available for MK8 extruders in 0.40mm and 0.6mm orifice sizes (ideal for our carbon fiber grades).

M6 thread, 1.75mm filament, use without PTFE Liner tubes.

Compatible with the following printers:

  • Replicator 1
  • Replicator 2
  • Replicator 2x
  • Replicator 5th Gen
  • Replicator Mini
  • Replicator z18‚Äč
  • BQ Witbox
  • Creality
  • Craftbot
  • Numerous Replicator Clones



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