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3DXTECH Speaks at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center

Why Additive Manufacturing has become the solution many companies have turned to.

Earlier this week, we had the honor of presenting at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center’s Industry 4.0 Technology Showcase that was focused on Additive Manufacturing. We spoke with local Michigan manufacturing companies and not only learn about their business and processes, but we also discussed the different ways additive manufacturing can help troubleshoot some of the everyday issues they face.

“With increasing costs, supply chain issues, and the need for rapid prototyping and manufacturing processes, Additive Manufacturing has become the solution many companies have turned to. In each of these cases, additive technology can be applied to support improvements and help companies pivot when needed,” stated Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center.

Brandon Funke, Product Manager at 3DXTECH, was a perfect fit for this event. With years of experience in additive manufacturing, and a degree in Polymer Engineering Technology, Brandon was able to provide great examples and solutions on how this evolving technology can help our local manufacturers.

“Additive manufacturing is an amazing solution that so many industries can utilize. That’s why we at 3DXTECH work one-on-one with manufactures to find the perfect solution for their company,” explained Brandon. “Whether it is finding the correct filament for their environment, printing parts in our print shop, or providing them with a machine to print on demand; we offer a wide range of solutions based on the customer’s needs.”

Recently, the Michigan Economic Development Corporation announced they are offering an Industry 4.0 Technology Implementation Grant that will provide 50% reimbursement for qualifying 4.0 technology costs (up to $25,000). To further help with their home state, 3DXTECH will match qualified grants (for a limited time) that go towards Gearbox HT2 Printer purchases.

“Michigan has been our home for many years and we understand the struggles businesses can face when it comes to funding,” explained Matt Howlett, founder of 3DXTECH. “We think this MEDC grant is an amazing opportunity for Michigan businesses and we wanted to help out as well!”

This program gives Michigan companies an opportunity to acquire a Gearbox HT2 for $50,000 below list price.  The Gearbox HT2 3D Printer is a large scale, open material system designed to manufacture products with best in class materials like ULTEM(TM), PEKK, PEEK and more.

To learn more about the MEDC Industry 4.0 Technology Implementation Grant: you can click on the link below for eligibility guidelines and application form. Learn More >

To learn more about the Gearbox HT2 Printers: you can visit our printer page or contact us to receive a quote.

Brandon Funke presenting at Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center's Industry 4.0 Technology Showcase