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Slicing Mode / 3DLabPrint Airplanes

Slicing mode

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The default behavior uses the Positive fill rule.

Even-odd – 3DLabPrint airplane models

Katana Slicer supports the slicing of 3DLabPrint airplane models. These 3DLabPrint models were designed to be sliced with Simplify3D with a single perimeter and no infill to produce a lightweight wing reinforced by single perimeter ribs. From the solid geometry point of view, these models contain overlapping bodies and are not valid solid models. But because the models were designed specifically for Simplify3D and the way it evaluates such objects, the exported G-code was correct. To allow slicing the 3DLabPrint models, Katana Slicer implements a new “Slicing Mode” option, allowing one to switch between the “Positive” (default) and “Even / Odd” fill rule.

Use the “Even / Odd” option to slice 3DLabPrint airplanes correctly.

3dlbp 1.56.1

Close holes 

Makes Katana Slicer fill in all internal structures.

*Thank you to Prusa3D for providing the content used in this post.