FD1 – Filament Dryer


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A forced-air convection oven, the FD1 Filament Dryer is a much-needed solution to the problem of materials which have absorbed moisture, now creating printing issues such as bubbling, jamming, and poor part quality. With intuitive controls and consistent performance, the FD1 can dry up to three standard 4kg reels at a time, ensuring that even engineering grade materials are ready for the 3D printing.

  • Pre-set programs accommodating eight of the most common polymer drying temperatures
  • Simple touchscreen operation
  • Automatically recorded history of set temperatures, actual temperatures, and alarms
  • Over-temp and end of timer alarms
  • Stackable with FM1

The FD1 includes two shelving options, to meet the specific needs of the customer. The Full Chamber Shelving Kit is intended for smaller reels, when not as much capacity is needed. These racks can also handle higher temperatures, so should the oven be used at temperatures above 150°C, the stainless steel racks should be used.

The Low Profile Shelving Kit is for customers who want to dry more reels in the FD1 at a time, while still allowing for organization by sitting the reels vertically in the oven. This configuration is intended mainly for the larger reel sizes, including the standard 4 kgs sold by 3DXTECH.

There is also the option for customers to not use any rack and instead simply stack reels horizontally for maximum use of storage space. This simple option allows for fitment of any reel size up to the standard 4 kgs sold by 3DXTECH.


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