FM1 – Filament Maintainer


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Our filament maintainer utilizes state-of-the-art drying technology that ensures your filament stays dry and ready to print. Holds up to 50kg of filament on two storage racks – accommodates 0.5kg through 10kg reel sizes. Filament can be fed directly from FM1 to your printer through ports designed for easy access. Automatic drying system works to keep chamber air at -40°C dewpoint to ensure a dry storage environment with programmable alarm to alert at specified high/low humidity levels.

  • Modular shelving which can hold five 4 kg reels
  • Five ports out of which to feed filament directly into up to five printers
  • Digital display of temperature and relative humidity
  • recover and hold internal air at -40°C Dewpoints
  • Stackable with FD1


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