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Carbon Fiber Nylon and Carbon Fiber PEEK


We continue to expand our selection of high-performance filaments - and we especially love the carbon fiber!  

Carbon Fiber Nylon Filament

We really enjoy printing with this one.  Our new carbon fiber reinforced semi-aromatic nylon is really unlike anything on the market.  Improved thermal and chemical resistance, plus high-modulus carbon fiber - what's not to like?  Carbon Fiber Nylon

Carbon Fiber PEEK Filament

This is really the pinnacle of performance in 3D Printing.  Literally the highest performance thermoplastic on the market with a Tg of 143c and a Tm of 343c.  Granted, it's pretty tricky to print.  But when you get the technique down, you can't beat the performance this material will give you in practically any application.  Carbon Fiber PEEK


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