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Thermal Properties of our filaments


Tg Chart

Many of you have asked for data on the glass transition temperature (Tg) of our materials.  We complied this graphic to highlight this data and arrange it from lowest to highest.    Essentially, the Tg is the temperature under which you would expect to retain a good amount of the mechanical properties of a given material.  Likewise, once you exceed the Tg, the material starts to lose some of its ability to withstand loading.  This effect is different for amorphous (AM) and semi-crystalline (SC) materials, but in the 3D world, the Tg is used pretty much the same regardless of the morphology of the polymer.  While technically this isn't accurate since SC and AM materials behave differently after their respective Tg's, it is a pretty good indicator of what to expect for a given polymer at elevated temps.  

It shouldn't be too surprising the PLA is the lowest whereas Ultem® PEI is the highest.  You might also note that the Tg of the carbon fiber grades are the same as the unfilled ones (CF-PETG vs. unfilled PETG).  That's because the Tg is a resin property and not effected (for the most part) by reinforcements.  The same cannot be said of some other measures of thermal performance, such as the heat distortion temperature (HDT) of a polymer.  It's possible to greatly enhance the HDT by the addition of structural reinforcements, especially in semi-crystalline materials.  But alas, that's a topic for another day.  

Tg of 3DXTECH Materials

Source - this is a mix of data supplied by our resin suppliers as well as some of our own DMA testing.  This data will be updated as new info comes in on these grades and future ones.  

Ultem® parts printing service

3D Printing ServiceWe have been printing parts for customers using many of our high-performance materials including Ultem PEI and our ESD-safe filaments.  We moved this out of the back room and into the full light of day - opening up these materials to all of our customers.  Our printers include production-quality Fortus and highly modified [...]

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Updated Test Data on Carbon Fiber Filaments

Updated Test DataWe finally have the data back from the lab on our 3DXMAX® Carbon Fiber 3D Filaments.  This data covers the most commonly requested mechanical property tests - Tensile Strength, Modulus, and Elongation.  It also covers the two primary thermal properties - Heat Distortion Temperature (HDT), and Glass Transition Temperature (Tg).  What you see [...]

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Carbon Fiber Nylon and Carbon Fiber PEEK

We continue to expand our selection of high-performance filaments - and we especially love the carbon fiber!  Carbon Fiber Nylon FilamentWe really enjoy printing with this one.  Our new carbon fiber reinforced semi-aromatic nylon is really unlike anything on the market.  Improved thermal and chemical resistance, plus high-modulus carbon fiber - what's not to like? [...]

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3DXTECH partners with SeeMeCNC

Breaking News! 3DXTECH partners with SeeMeCNC We are proud to announce that SeeMeCNC will be carrying select 3DX filaments. Their excellent printers + our high-performance filaments = happy customers!

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New Packaging

Our new packaging has finally arrived - finally!  All of our filaments ship individually boxed and shrink wrapped.  The specialty grades (CF, CNT, Nylon, etc.) are also shrink wrapped in a resealable mylar ziplock pouch.  

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Detroit Maker Faire 2015

Make sure you set aside the weekend of July 25 and 26  for the Detroit Maker Faire at the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, MI.  The Detroit Maker Faire has been a great time in a world-class venue.    We plan on printing with an all-new high-performance filament that is unlike ANYTHING out there.  Currently [...]

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Pre-order News Release - Carbon Fiber PETG Filament

Nice article from our friends at 3DPrint.com.    This new product should start shipping by June 22.  http://3dprint.com/68705/3dxmax-cfr-petg-carbon-fi...

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Carbon Fiber ABS and PLA Test Data

Carbon Fiber Test DataOur test data came in and we are pretty happy with what we are seeing. Carbon fiber isn't exactly new in the 3DP world, so we did our homework to make sure we had something improved vs. what was currently available. Our PLA and ABS look great - properties [...]

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